HS Senior Location Ideas

Rogers City Locations

Herman Vogler
A great spot if you enjoy a wooded look along with water. Trout river runs through Herman Vogler.
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Seagull Point
This is a very pretty beach along lake huron that has a walking path that allows for a wooded feel along side the beach (rocky and sandy spots throughout the beach).
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Great idea for someone who is looking for something different/ that urban look. There are a few buildings I typically use throughout town which are shown in the images (however if you have one in mind that you do not see just let me know).
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Harbor/Lakeside park
If you love fishing/boating or water pictures this is a great option. The boat harbor normally has some pretty color boats and the beach offers the beautiful breakwall. There is also a few cute little spots to go along the park right next to the beach on the walkway.
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Trout River Park

This is an option as well for natural lovers. This park is more famous for its rustic looking bridge shown in the pictures. There is also a bike path with a few little areas that are cute for pictures along with a fire pit in the open area of the park.
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South Shore Park

This is a little park that has another beautiful beach and bike path along side of it. (This park is at the ball fields).
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North Shore Park

I love this area as it's not the typical spot most people think to utilize. Normally this area is a little more quiet compared to the other beaches along Rogers City and the beach is always changing in looks.
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Near Rogers City Locations-These locations have a small travel fee

40 mile point lighthouse
Great spot if you love lighthouses and nice beaches. Sandy beaches, an apple tree-normally with a tree swing-, a few benches and during certain parts of the year you are able to see the shipwreck on the beach.
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Knaebe's Mmmunchy Krunchy Apple Farm
This is one of my favorite spots to go in the fall time. There is some beautiful colors out at knaebe's along with a fun experience. (I am totally down for you grabbing an apple cider or some donuts during your session).